a9ent0ran9e – This Life


Release Date: 12/05/08

Album Description


‘a9ent0ran9e: a tour-de-force of nu-skool beats, taking in influences from electro, cinematic soundscapes, dub and acid house.

a9ent0ran9e has been picking up fans and industry attention for his DJ sets, production work and live percussion, playing alongside artists from Funkatech, Twisted, Sinister, and Liquid Records,

Phat Pilgrim’s first release of 2008, ‘This Life’ is another serving of phat ethereal Breaks experimentation from artist a9ent0ran9e.

Combining  dreamy female vocals with warm bouncy basslines and fidgety arpeggios that crackle electrically.

‘This Life’ suggests that life is created in the gap between dreaming and waking life with its spacious strings and vocal line or perhaps the moment of truth when you realize that you’ve been under the influence of an illusion.

Digital Promos Breaks Chart No 9 May 2008

‘8 out of 10’ – Lisa Lashes

‘Nice rolling breaks with a hint of psy and a sprinkling of euphoria. Some good attention to detail and keeping a bit of the nuskool feel in there. Will be good for building a set or drawing a night to a close.’ – Kickflip

‘Amber (psy disco mix)’ – is a pumped up 4/4 version of the digital-promos Breaks Top 6 track (Feb). This track builds on straight-ahead beats, progressively rising to a massive climax which mixes soaring Acid lead arpeggios with uplifting vocal effects rippling over a bouncy psychedelic bassline.

Digital Promos Breaks Chart No 4 Oct 2008

‘This Life’ has already been featured on ‘The Sneaker and the Dryer Show’ on NSB Radio.

This track is also enjoying club and radio support in Europe and the US.

Fans of these tracks currently include FAR TOO LOUD, D*FUNK, AARON JAE, CRYSTAL METHOD, ED2000 DJ PRATO and B-LINE.

a9ent0ran9e’s debut album on Phat Pilgrim is out now in digital download format from all good download stores.

ARTIST: a9ent0ran9e

RELEASED: 12/05/08

LABEL: Phat Pilgrim

TRACKS: This Life / Amber Psy Disco Mix

FORMATS:Digital Download

GENRE: Breakbeat / Psychedelic


Album Tracks

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