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Interview with Jake Vision – V.U.A

Bruce and Jake

What got you into being a motion graphic visual artist in the first place..?

Back in 2007 at the first waveform festival there was some amazing visuals on the main stage which instantly inspired me and I went out of my way to find where the VJ’s were working.

Two German VJs gave me a list of some software to download and a free-DVD of their latest visuals and wished me luck upon my creative journey. I found my flow that night and learnt to juggle that morning after struggling for years. I found my passion and knew I was going to be a VJ and Visual Artist from that day onwards.

What and who inspires you?

Anything futuristic, techy or geometric that has been designed and animated to a decent level inspires me really.  I’m constantly inspired by a range of artists, inspiration is everywhere.
Luminokaya, Samuel Farrand, Luke brown, Android Jones, Ben Ridgeway etc have all inspired me on the digital graphic / still imagery / visionary side of things. I have followed their journeys through social media over the years always seeing the bar raised as we all aim to push the boundaries through every production.

Over the years I’ve developed my own techniques and unique style. Being surrounded by so many talented, creative individuals around the world has accelerated my learning and helped get me to the level I am at today. Production values these days are very high which alongside my passion, motivates me to push the standard further with every project.

What sort of events do you perform at…?

Returning from Waveform Festival 2007 full of inspiration I downloaded  Resolume  and Pilgrim and started hunting for visual loops, saved up for a projector and laptop and started experimenting and playing out in the Kent woodland for parties such as Omniscience, Beatz n Freqz, Sonar, Delta connection and Swarm.
I’m constantly experimenting and progressing on the visual production side of things and so I started creating installations for a variety of cutting edge underground London warehouse parties such as Supersonik Shindig, Transcendental, Lunatik Alien Records, Zenon Records and various venues in London and Kent such as The Area, The Colloseum, Jacks Club, The Foundry among others. I’ve also played in Vilnius Lithuania, Spain and Cambodia and became a regular motion graphic custom ident of the liquid stage @Noisily Festival for the last three years.
This year (2018) I also performed custom 3D visuals on the Sector 6 Stage at Boomtown Fair and I have a motion graphic video-edit coming out soon.

Who have you worked with so far?

Too many to list but I once played some crazy  visuals for an Ed Cox set on a 3- seater leather sofa in an apocalyptic style North London underground warehouse party, that was fun.!.

Most recently Zenon Records at Noisily 2018 for Sensient and Evil Oil Man, officially released through the label’s Youtube channel. I have a custom Ed Solo release coming out soon from the Treehouse stage also from Noisily Festival 2018.

What have you got in the pipeline?

Semtek Halloween party & Music for the Heart charity fundraiser are 2 custom visual events confirmed.

I also have 4 more custom 3d motion graphic video productions in the pipeline for a Stack Rack Psy EP, a Psynon Records Album Launch, an Audioscope Psy EP and a KRYTEN Drum and Bass Release.

Visionary Underground Apparel (V.U.A)
A sublimation clothing and accessories brand with an exciting future will be released at festivals and online in 2019.

Over the winter I am going to reach out to some established artists with a view to touring custom 3d visuals, which is where I have found myself specialising at this stage in this constantly evolving journey.

What was it about the Phat pilgrim project that inspired you to go to such an effort?

Phat Pilgrim (a9ent0ran9e), Delta Connection and I go back a long way and they have always supported me as I performed for them at ‘Breaks on the Beach’ back in 2008, good days .!
A decade later I was contacted by Bruce about visuals for an experimental track called Medicine Drum.  I was honoured to have been considered and I really wanted to make it something special.

I was really busy over the summer on a number of big projects and I had lots of custom visual work for festivals. I really pushed it out there this summer though and created some stunning custom 3d motion graphic visual work for Noisily and Boomtown.

Producing the Phat Pilgrim video alongside this adventure I found myself on this summer, It has been wonderful to see the video evolve and become more advanced, filled with meaning, inspiration and expression.

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