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Phat Pilgrim – Half Life Out 9th May

phat pilgrim half life cover art

Phat Pilgrim – Half Life  

Press Release

Phat Pilgrim Records 9th January 2019


2019 sees the return of Phat Pilgrim Records, almost 11 years after the label’s debut release ‘Muddy Funkster’ by a9ent0ran9e.

Following releases found a9ent0ran9e a regular show as co-host on NSB Radio’s ‘Thank Phat It’s Friday’ which ran for over 7 years

Bruce Campbell who worked as a9ent0ran9e for a decade, decided that Phat Pilgrim described the nature and intention behind the music so much better and saw the opportunity to broaden his horizons and evolve as a musician and producer.

Bruce has been prolific as Phat Pilgrim with a well received remix for local legends Lapis Lazuli and a remix of Bailey by Kouncilhouse in the pipeline.

Half Life was written during a time when Bruce felt like all he was doing was eat, sleep, work, repeat for a long as he could remember. This track captures the frustration with a fidgety glitched-out bass that kicks in after wary pads introduce a vibe that you know is properly twisted.

The breakdown is a half time dub step glitch fest and the power starts to build as the progression enforces a kid of determination no matter how hard things get until the ultimate release of the drop.

Slap Bass Gitch Funk is where the tack heads to next whilst maintaining the spookiness. It’s almost the bastard love child of Mr Bill and Plump Djs at their rudest.

Lazy Funk is almost the antithesis of Half Life and works to soothe the mind and soul after a twisted experience with its lazy beats and hopeful sound design, almost like waking from a bad dream.

Last but not least is Half Life (Damn Right Remix) which when we first heard made our jaws hit the floor. Representing his trademark dubwise rude boi sound that simply screams heavy.

Fabulous percussion (just the right amount of high hat) and the wicked tearout  hoover bass precede another glitched out breakdown. Basically this is a release that satisfies a variety of tastes and marks an impressive return for Phat Pilgrim Records.

Bruce Administrator

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