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Phat Pilgrim and V.U.A – Medicine Drum – Youtube Exclusive OUT NOW!

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Phat Pilgrim and V.U.A are delighted to present our first audio visual collaboration – a Youtube Exclusive

The track Medicine Drum already had quite a background story before a visual aspect was even considered. During a workshop exploring the sacred masculine, I decided I wanted a shamanic drum for his 40th Birthday. My wife bought me a place on a drum building workshop one week before, meaning my drum would be dry and ready to play in time for my40th.

During this time, I was also following the Audio Alchemy free webinar series put together by Steve Young (Hedflux) and Andy Freeland (Opulance) and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a track with intention, combining this special instrument and this fascinating methodology.

Medicine Drum’ is an experimental track build around the repetition and harmonic frequencies of the shamanic drum, made with stag skin and ash wood. There are a few different time signatures in here with the drum beating out a 5/8 rhythm at 116bpm.

The rest of the track was built around this but with more 4/4 elements which made no sense in the sequencer other than they quantised in triplets. Confused as he was, Bruce just went with it and surrendered to spirit in completing the process.

Early feedback for the track was really positive and I felt that it needed a visual element other than a still image if I was to publish the track on Youtube, which was why I approached Jake Vision from V.U.A. to see if he could create some exclusive content for the release.

What Jake has produced for Medicine Drum exceeded my expectations! Not only has Jake understood the energy and intention behind the music, he has represented these ideas with clarity and even added something unique of his own, which I think you’ll agree completes the piece and adds an edge.

Jake has gone above and beyond the brief on the project by providing the tools for Phat Pilgrim to develop the work further. If you have an idea for a visual project you would like V.U.A. to consider please feel free to get in contact.

You can read the Phat Pilgrim Records’s interview with Jake Vision here.

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