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Album Review – Bad Tango – ILK

Bad Tango ILK Cover

I’ve been a fan of Will Railton aka Bad Tango for years now. His tracks have featured heavily in my DJ sets and radio broadcasts and his sound always has a sense of fun and proper psychedelia. ILK sees Will improve his sound design and production values and I’ve witnessed dance floors absolutely lose their shit to his other dimensional breakdowns. Let Bad Tango take you by the hand (ears?) and gently lead you on a journey to the zero point of reality, which ultimately, in the here (hear) and now is Love.

Dawn of the Scarlet Cyclone is typical Tango Tight and so funky, faces can’t help screwing up, heads nodding irresistibly before the beautiful Eastern pads and sitar take you off to a lighter, more conscious place. There’s a real sense of being on a journey and it’s beautiful not only in its sound design, but in its message and perhaps nods to a less cynical time.

Romulan Rainstick is typically cheeky, funky and alien and it’s only the second track in, but it hits you just how incredible the production is on this album. A lot of time, love and energy have gone into this project and it satisfies on so many levels you’ll keep coming back for more.

I completely lost myself in the soundscapes and layers of the intro to The Sky Is Not Big Enough. Accomplished and self assured, this is beautiful chill-out exquisiteness…

…Oh and another thing, Bad Tango and amazing vocal samples are synonymous full stop. Humour tempers deep spiritual concepts that always manage to deliver on a variety of levels.

Seven Breaths feels like ILK is really ready to get down – incredible drop, bass and kick – melting your mind while your heart is being soothed… A multifaceted experience, I love that each track is a whole journey within the greater vision, nodding to your favourite Psy artists along the way.

That trademark groove on Plasma Strand really boosts the album’s energy at this point and It’s been a wonderful trip so far…   and now we’re rocking pure robo-funk and pimpin’ all over the keys!

Subject to Change is a lovely little roller with lots of perky arpeggiation and glitchy wonderment. Will manages to blend driving Psy with something bigger and emotionally complex, breaking down into breakbeats and pianos with a nod to Aphex before bringing back the easy stomp.

Dusk of the Scarlet Cylcone is like an audio palette cleanser, clearing away any tension and providing you with a bit of psychic pampering before leading you beautifully into Eucatastrophe, a track inspired by the Australian outback and it’s not until the wicked beats come in that you realise you haven’t missed the constant kick drum you find in so many styles today.

This is so much more, much deeper, considered, loving and conscious… I could go on but special mention must go to the guitar and string work on this album. It really adds a timeless authenticity to the overall piece of work which in this reviewer’s humble opinion is perfect for lovers of all types of electronic and psychedelic music not just your hardened Tech Funk Junkies.

You can buy the album and many other tracks on Bad Tango’s Bandcamp Page


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