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A Pilgrims Journey Home

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Phat Pilgrim

In January this year I was admitted to hospital with a suspected blood clot. Not only did I have a clot behind the knee, I also had multiple pulmonary embolisms in my lung. It turned out that the clotting was a result or symptom of a deeper problem.

In February, I was diagnosed with Upper Gastric Intestinal Cancer with secondary spread in the spine and abdomen. It’s inoperable, incurable and the treatments I’m receiving are palliative.

This will develop into a  wide ranging blog about living with cancer, facing my mortality, how and why we create meaning in our lives, life hacks, rants and observations. I’m attempting to die well and in the process live a little better and document my attempts to prepare for my journey home. Some aspects of this blog will be inaccessible unless I have given you permission to follow so please don’t be offended if you find yourself locked out of some of the more sensitive and private aspects of this journey.

Big Love and ‘Nuff Respect (inner area) (~’~)



Not at any time will I presume to know what is best for your health and I will never advise that readers ignore the advice of medical professionals. I will never suggest that any complimentary therapy or tool be a substitute for chemo therapy. There is no such thing as alternative therapy only a complimentary therapy.