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A Pilgrims Journey Home

About – Music Blog

This part of the website is dedicated to my life’s passion – Music. This is where you’ll find my artist page, Phat Pilgrim Records, gadgets, music and music gear reviews, as well as tips and tricks for making great music on a budget.

For the last 10 years I have DJ-ed and produced as a9ent0ran9e co-hosting ‘Thank Phat It’s Friday’ with Damn Right and Will MD on NSB Radio.

In 2016, I left NSB Radio to expand my musical horizons and work on my life as an artist and embracing the new artist name of Phat Pilgrim as it has always reflected my intentions behind the music more accurately.

Big Love and ‘Nuff Respect (inner area) (~’~)



Gadget, music and music gear reviews may have affiliate links included.

I will not review, or recommend anything that I haven’t tried and tested myself.