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A Pilgrims Journey Home

Welcome to Phat Pilgrim.Com - A Pilgrims Journey Home

Welcome to Phat Pilgrim.com - A Pilgrim’s Journey Home. This is the blog and website for Bruce Campbell, writer, composer, DJ, remixer, producer, humanist, socialist and maker of beautiful mischief.


In February 2018, I was diagnosed with cancer of the Gastro Oesophageal Junction with secondary spread in the spine and abdomen. It’s inoperable, incurable and the treatments I’m receiving are palliative. You may be here for the music and chance across the blog or vice versa. Whatever has brought you here know that you are welcome in love and if you get any benefit from any part of this offering, then it’ll all have been for something.

Big Love and ‘Nuff Respect (inner area) (~’~) Bruce

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All the low down on new releases, DJ mixes, free downloads, ideas and inspiration, live events

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All the info on the record label with artist bios, links and releases

Blog: A Pilgrims Journey Home

Thoughts, reflections and realisations on living with cancer, learning how to die, life hacks, beautiful mischief

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New Music! Phat Pilgrim – Carousel of Love (The Cook Up) Free Download

Exciting news from Phat Pilgrim as we start the build up to the label relaunch in January with Phat Pilgrim's debut release Half…

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Bad Tango ILK Cover

Album Review – Bad Tango – ILK

I’ve been a fan of Will Railton aka Bad Tango for years now. His tracks have featured heavily in my DJ sets and radio broadcasts…

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Bruce and Jake

Interview with Jake Vision – V.U.A

What got you into being a motion graphic visual artist in the first place..? Back in 2007 at the first waveform festival there…

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phat pilgrim vua logo v2

Phat Pilgrim and V.U.A – Medicine Drum – Youtube Exclusive OUT NOW!

Phat Pilgrim and V.U.A are delighted to present our first audio visual collaboration - a Youtube Exclusive The track…

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Here’s the Thing…

Since I had my kind of end of life process earlier on this year, I decided that to embark on this project and unfortuntately find…

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What I chose to do…

Firstly, let me reiterate that I’m not here to give medical advice and that what works or has worked for me may not necessarily…

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The Worst Advice

In contrast to our research and the good advice we’ve received from so many of my friends, we’ve also had some quite frankly…

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The Best Advice

I recieved this message from an old friend I hadn't heard from. There's a whole story abou how she accidently sent it to my one of…

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